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how i got that brides look..

One of the most important things, no wait... the MOST important thing is for the curls to last! When you have lots of long hair its a challenge to make curls last. A trick of mine is to start with the hair prepped right, a great dry styling spray (Unite) on at least a day or 2 of non washed hair. (yes, clean hair does not obey!) and set in electric curlers (2 sets used here!)I let them set and cool while I did the make up, a half hour or more. After the make up was finished we used a half inch curling iron on the bottom half of the curls for extra insurance! Then used a good holding hairspray

"Allnet" that was still touchable, not stiff and sticky.

My friend, the brides mother, is an avid outdoors woman who wanted an uber natural look,I think she looks amazing.

For the make up I used Kett airbrush foundation because its non transferable and looks fresh and lasts all day! I did a smokey eye in warm plum tones and lots of individual lash clusters because they are so comfortable.. Nars outlaw blush, and a nude lip completed the look.

The foothills of Yosemite are such a beautiful setting for a wedding..

On our drive home on the picturesque highway 49 through the Sierra mountains, a fun wedding weekend!

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